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Redruth based artist Mike Brand possesses a unique sense of spatial structure, light and colour, while experimenting with technique and medium. His work now extends into animation and theatre design.

  Born in High Wycombe to Scottish-Canadian and German parents, previously living in Reading, Berkshire. With Science and Art A-Levels, obtained a Maths degree of sorts at Warwick University, spending much time painting, resulting in a small exhibition entitled ‘Landscapes of Darkness and Light’.
  The next few years were a productive time, with explorations in expression and impression, symbolism and style, as well as traditional artistic technique, becoming integrated into the works. Shows at The Hexagon in Reading, The Crispen Hall in Street and The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, amongst others.
  In the mid 1980’s was fortunate to come across Annette Cotterill’s Learning Through Action, and a decade of scenery painting followed, alongside occasional exhibitions at local venues such as the Rising Sun Institute (now Arts Centre), Braziers Adult College and the Jelly Leg’d Chicken Gallery.
  Through photography for Catalyst magazine and local musicians, met Sherif and Moorad of the ‘Internationalists’. Years later, this would lead to collaboration on several Timebox animated short films and web design for YieldCurve.com, Timebox.info, Go24group.com and other domains including this one.
  A member of Progress Theatre, who worked on the Lighting, Sound and Set Design for the recent productions of Joe Penhall's Blue/Orange and Diane Samuels' Kindertransport.

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