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Max Maynard & Fred Brand
Christmas 1922, 929 Caledonia
Fred Brand

Fred Brand grew up in Victoria, BC with Max Maynard. His first marriage was to Edythe Hembroff-Brand (later Schleicher). A younger brother and sister roomed in Emily Carr's house on Simcoe Street. These books largely relate to a book he was writing in the later years of his life.

BC Studies   No. 20  
University of British Columbia Press, Winter 1973-74  
BC Studies   No. 23  
University of British Columbia Press, Fall 1974  
Contemporaries of Emily Carr in British Columbia    
Artists include Emily Carr, Edythe Hembroff, Max Maynard, Jack Shadbolt, Mark Tobey ...
The Simon Fraser University, February 5 - 23, 1974   Exhibition Catalogue. Dedication by Maria (Tippett?), with notes
Emily Carr    
A centennial exhibition celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of her birth.
Vancouver Art Gallery, May 18 - August 29, 1971   Exhibition Catalogue.
The Graveyard by the Sea    
The Text of Paul Valéry's Le Cimetière Marin with a translation by G. G. SEDGEWICK and drawings by Edythe Hembroff Brand.
Vancouver, B. C., 1938   Ex Libris Edythe Hembroff
Jack Shadbolt: Act of Painting    
Catalogue prepared by Scott Watson.
Vancouver Art Gallery, Nov 9, 1984 - Jan 2, 1985  
for Fred, a token of my regard and for our shared interest in art, Jack - with letter enclosed
Letters From Emily Carr    
Reprint from University of Toronto Quarterly, a Canadian Journal of the Humanities.
University of Toronto Press, 1972   To Fred Brand - from another old friend of Emily's (Ruth Humphrey)
The Life of Emily Carr     Paula Blanchard
'A model biography, a perfect blend of careful, caring scholarship with the human presences of Carr and a sensitive author' Doris Shadbolt.
University of Washington Press, Seattle 1987   With a signed dedication by the author 10/26/87.
The Book of Small     Emily Carr
"Small" was an intense, imaginative child and the scenes around her impressed themselves indelibly on her mind ...
Clarke Irwin Canadian Paperback, Centennial Edition 1972   Ex Libris Edythe Hembroff
Growing Pains   The Autobiography of Emily Carr   Emily Carr
With a Frontispiece and six reproductions in full colour of paintings by the author. Foreword by Ira Dilworth.
Oxford University Press, Toronto 1946   with pencil notes, marks
The House of All Sorts     Emily Carr
The story of Emily Carr's experiences as a landlady in her native city of Victoria.
Clarke Irwin Canadian Paperback, Centennial Edition 1971  
Hundreds and Thousands   The Journals of Emily Carr   Emily Carr
It was not the handling of paint but handling of thoughts which overwhelmed me. Tring to get around this problem, I took always in my sketch-sack a little note book.
Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited, 1966   marked with pencil notes
Klee Wyck     Emily Carr
The Indians of British Columbia called Emily Klee Wyck, "Laughing One," when she went among them to paint their totems and villages.
Clarke Irwin Canadian Paperback, Centennial Edition 1971  
Emily Carr     Ruth Gowers
Berg Women's Series.
Berg Publishers Limited, 1987  
Emily Carr   The Untold Story   Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher
Edythe Schleicher, Special Consultant on Emily Carr for the B.C. Government, lived, worked and sketched with Emily for many years.
Hancock House, 1978   some pencil notes
M.E.   A Portrayal of Emily Carr   Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher
M.E. (the title is taken from the signature Emily Carr frequently used) is a moving study of an artist's struggle against despair and loneliness. It is also an intimate portrayal of a close friendship.
Clark, Irwin Company Limited, Toronto/Vancouver 1969  
The Modern Room     Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher
An Exhibition at the Emily Carr Gallery. Featuring Emily Carr, Edythe Hembroff, Jack Shadbolt, Max Maynard, Ronald Bladen, Ina D. D. Uhthoff & John Macdonald.
Province of British Columbia, May 19 to September 11, 1981   Exhibition Catalogue by the Guest Curator.
Sound Heritage   Volume IV Number 2   Editor W. J. Langlois
Aural History, Victoria BC 1975   6 poems inserted, with note from E
Baby Love     Joyce Maynard
Avon Books, First Avon Printing, August 192   for Uncle Fred ... Joyce full page inside cover note to my father.
The Tree of Life     Fredelle Bruser Maynard
Viking, 1988   signed by Fredelle Maynard
Guiding Your Child To A More Creative Life     Fredelle Maynard Ph.D.
How to help a child discover his own best self and develop his natural creative powers.
Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1973 First Edition   For Fred and Marianne (who surely do not need it) with affection, Fredelle
Emily Carr   As I knew Her   Carol Pearson
With a Foreword by Kathleen Coburn.
Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited, Toronto 1954  
Emily Carr   A Biography   Maria Tippett
This is the first full-scale biography of Emily Carr, one of Canada's greatest painters.
Oxford University Press (Canada), 1979  
Max Maynard   Landscape as Metaphor   Nicholas Tuele
Exhibition Catalogue.
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, May 5 - July 3, 1983  
Dear Nan     Edited by Doreen Walker
Letters of Emily Carr, Nan Cheney and Humphrey Toms.
University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver 1990  
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